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Why should I join MPOMC?
Because raising multiples is different from raising one child at a time, and because it helps immensely to have support from other parents who understand what that means. Specific benefits of the club include email forums, new moms meetings, parenting seminars with visiting professionals, family events and picnics, date nights just for moms, casual gatherings for dads, Facebook and Twitter page, and a huge annual consignment sale. Most importantly, other parents who get what you’re going through!


How much does it cost to join?
Membership costs $60 for new members, $50 for renewing members, and $30 for anyone who has been a member for 4 or more years.


If I were to attend just one meeting, which one should it be?
You should absolutely attend our New Moms Meeting the first Monday of every month in Corte Madera, at the Towne Center mall in the community meeting room in building 770 (take the elevators in the lobby next to Barnes & Noble, and go to the 2nd floor). Meetings are usually from 10am-Noon. Email for more details!


What kind of discussions appear on the email forums?
Email forums relate most often to parenting issues like breastfeeding, sleep training, potty training, how to travel with two or more, where to find an au pair, how to hire a good nanny, who is selling a crib, or who wants to buy one (or two)!



Can I buy and sell clothes and baby gear through the club?
Yes, absolutely.  The club is a great place to find gear for multiples, plus clothing and furniture, and a great place to sell items when your babies grow into toddlerhood and preschool. All year long members post items in the marketplace section of our online forum.  Then the first Saturday in June, the club hosts Marin’s largest family consignment sale.



What are the ages of their children, generally?
MPOMC members often join while pregnant, and typically remain in the club until their children are 4 – 5 years old.
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