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The MPOMC Garage Sale has a terrific reputation for selling baby clothes and gear in excellent condition, and it’s this reputation that draws boatloads of buyers who buy boatloads of stuff! The only way to keep our reputation intact, however, is with a strict quality control process. So make sure your items are clean, all the pieces are there, batteries are loaded and ready to go – then sort by Type of item, Size, Brand, and you’re ready to start Tagging!


A few helpful hints are listed below, but make sure to download our Garage Sale Handbook so you know all the details of the sale and understand why it’s important to follow our guidelines.


Tagging Reps

North Marin/ Novato
Brandi Duffin


Central Marin/ San Rafael
Jodi Janzen


Southern Marin/ Corte Madera
Kimberly O’Connell


Tagging Coordinator – San Rafael
Michelle Coddou


Some Helpful Hints

  • Save your baby hangers: little clothes sell better on little hangers, and all clothes are hung on racks for an enjoyable shopping experience!
  • Be judicious: price items to sell – don’t overprice.
  • Get going: organize and tag now – it takes longer than you think, and the earlier you start, the more you tag!
  • Look around:  besides baby clothes & baby gear – we sell lots of baby furniture, books, DVDs, maternity wear, even bath toys and potty chairs!

The following items are not accepted for the sale:

  • Stuffed animals
  • Underwear or Diapers (cloth diaper covers ok)
  • Bottle nipples
  • Pacifiers, teething rings
  • Toys or Equipment without working batteries or missing parts
  • Stained or dirty equipment, clothing or toys
  • Cribs manufactured prior to 6/28/2011

MPOMC will only accept the consignment of cribs manufactured on or after June 28, 2011. Although you may have heard that the 2011 changes in crib safety standards only restrict the sale of drop-sided cribs, the changes go well beyond that and actually include requirements to improve the overall structural integrity of cribs. While it is possible for some cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011 to comply with the new regulations, the process to verify compliance is overly burdensome. MPOMC has therefore elected not to accept cribs manufactured prior to June 28, 2011 in any configuration (toddler bed, day bed, etc). If you do choose to sell a crib, you will be required to show verification (in the form of the original manufacturer’s tag, which should be located on the crib, generally somewhere on the mattress board) that the crib was manufactured on or after June 28, 2011.

Items you can sell at the Garage Sale!

High quality used items such as:

  • maternity clothes, support belts, maternity pillows
  • baby and children’s clothes (from infant to children age 10),
  • infant and toddler gear,
  • clean toys with batteries
  • furniture


New On-line Tagging System – My Consignment Manager (MyCM)

This is the first year we will be using a barcode tag system!  All tags must be barcode so you must come prepared at drop-off!  The benefit is you will have an on-line inventory of items that sell, sell at ½ prices, are donated for a tax deduction, or are returned to you AND you will get a check with your proceeds in 2 weeks!  The tags must be printed on 60-70# cardstock – pre-perforated cardstock is available for purchase from one of our Tagging Representatives listed above, 25 sheets of white or green cardstock (8 tags/page = 200 tags!) for just $5 and you’ll also get plastic fasteners and snap-locks.


White tags = Donate if not sold, no further obligation.
Green tags = Return to Seller if not sold!  Green tagged items must be picked up between 4-5 pm on Saturday, the day of the sale (or be charged $50).


Option to Discount - The last hour of the sale is half off, so if you are okay with your item selling at half price, do nothing.  If you do not want your item to be sold at half price, uncheck the Discount box on-line.  It must be printed on the tag/barcode!  This year anything goes, even wearable items can be held at full-price.  So check the box appropriately when you’re entering on-line and make sure if you’re shopping during the half-price sale, you look to see whether it will be discounted or not.  We strongly urge you to sell at half-price, we have many shoppers who return or come just for the Half-Price sale!


Pricing Guide

Sweaters $3 – $8
Play pants $1 – $4
Jeans/Pants $2 – $8
Shorts $1 – $3
Skorts/Skirts $2 – $5
Dresses $2 – $7
Swimsuits $2 – $4
Shoes $3 – $10
Button Down Shirts/Polo Shirts $2 – $5
Jackets $4 – $8
Winter Coats/Snowsuits $5 – $10


Equipment - Start at 50% of estimated retail price and increase slightly if the item is in excellent condition and in high demand. Decrease to 35% if the item is in good used condition. All equipment items need all parts attached and if you need to take it apart (crib, dresser, bed) please take a picture of the assembled item first.


PLEASE NOTE: Cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011 will not be accepted in any configuration (toddler bed, day bed, etc). If you are selling a crib, you will be asked to sign a form confirming that the manufacture date can be verified with the original manufacturer’s tag that is affixed to the crib.


Toys - Small toys require very competitive pricing, usually $.50 to $1.00. Only great toys can command prices higher than $10.


Car seats – $10 to $50


PLEASE NOTE: We will not accept car seats made prior to 2009. You will be asked to sign a form stating that the car seat you are selling has not been in an accident. Please make sure car seats are cleaned and include all parts (manuals are great if you can find it.)


Strollers - $10 to $150.  Please clean your stroller to look as new as you can possible make it. Make sure all parts are included and tires inflated if necessary. Tags often fall off strollers please secure with Snap Lock fasteners.


For more information about selling at the MPOMC Garage Sale, please download the Garage Sale Handbook (pdf),  click on the links above, or contact our co-chairs Leesa and Laura at


Thank you to our generous sponsors of the 2015 Garage Sale:


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